Frozen DrinksNon-Alcoholic

UNO® Raspberry Lime Rickey
(not frozen, but ice cold)
Cal 140
UNO® Colada
Cal 150
Oreo®, Wildberry Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate Banana, Tropical Fruit.

BeveragesFree Refills on coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Freshly Brewed Lipton Iced Tea
Traditional, raspberry, or mango.
Soft Drinks
Pepsi®, Diet Pepsi®, Mountain Dew®, Mist Twist®, MUG Root Beer®
Fresh Lemonade
Classic, raspberry, mango, or half & half.
Red Bull, or Red Bull Sugarfree.
Bottled Water
Spring or sparkling.
Cal 0
Cal 0
Hot Chocolate
Cal 80
Premium Tea
Cal 0
Available by glass or pitcher
Berry Berry Palmer
Pineapple Lemonade.
Deep Takeout Deals

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Show Me The Crafts

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